Lunes, 11 Diciembre 2017

The complete catalogue and Atlas of Bulgarian dung beetles


The complete catalogue and Atlas of Bulgarian dung beetles towards a delimitation of hot spots based in distribution predictive models.


bosque de abies


bosque fagus



Thanks to two consecutive research projects between the CSIC (Spain) and the Bulgary Academy of Sciences we accomplish several field samplings in the Rhodopes Mountains and across the whole Bulgarian territory in order to:

  • Study the variation with altitude in faunistic composition and species richness of the dung beetle assemblages of the western Rhodopes Mountains.
  • Examine the convergences and divergences between two separate European mountain dung beetle assemblages located in the boundary among Mediterranean and Eurosiberian domains (The Iberian Central System and Western Rhodopes).
  • Estimate the ability of distribution models to extrapolate geographical ranges from distant data.
  • Elaborate the complete catalog on the Coleoptera Scarabaeidae of Bulgaria.


sitios colecta Bulgaria

field sampling locatities in Bulgaria

boby y evgeni

Evgeni Chehlarov and Borislav Guéorguiev of the Institute of Zoology and the National Museum of Natural History (BAS), the others partcipants in this project